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recovering chrome user profile after window system restore

Sat Feb 13, 2021 1:34 am

anyone have experience on matter related to this?

i was tweaking with cookies with chrome and not having different accounts under one.

and i was deleting profiles via chrome and didnt realize bookmark database can be tied to profile.

i didnt make a bookmark backup file beforehand.

i tried system restore and didnt work.

exploring different data recovery apps out there.

currently looking at disk drill and disk genius.

tried hetman, didnt see bak file or nothing.

tried copying the whole chrome user data
folder for pasting, problem with that was some folder paths cant be copied full length which i dont think would work . and the directories
nested in user data folder can be enormous.

a thread on similar case:

primiraly look to retrieve my bookmarks...history file would be a plus but bookmarks are main...

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