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Recover image and video from Samsung's "Secret Zone"

Wed Jul 10, 2019 1:39 am

Hi, thanks everyone for reading me.

I have samsung HD 500GB wicha came with a "encryption" app calles "Secret Zone". This program creates a virtual partition witch can only be mounted with the Samsung proprietary software.

I created one for files I wanted to keep secure, but after a long time this virtual partition crashed and, I think, tables got corrupted.

By running chkdisk (and other commands I found online) I was able to mount the now "empty" drive, and using several recovery apps I got many files back.

Yet I'm still missing 3 important files. 2 videos and 1 picture. One of the videos is partially recovered (5 sec from a 30 min video).

I have tried many programs (partition magic, R-Studio, Recuva, etc.) but all get mostly the same results (Active partition recovery got 3 more videos, but not the ones I wanted). R-Studio only in demo version, didn't buy because the "free" scan showed nothing new.

How can I rebuild the tables to have my full drive back with original structure or how can I get those 3 specific file back?
Is there a software that makes a deeper analysis, even if I have to leave the computer running for days? (most programs complete the scan in 12 minutes now).

Thanks for reading and I hope I can get my 3 files back.

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Recover image and video from Samsung's "Secret Zone"

Tue Jul 23, 2019 3:42 am

What you should have done was to do an image of the drive to another one.
Since you could already got other files, the "tables" are ok, so your problem must be bad sectors and for that, maybe doing an image of the drive with hardware capable of read in several ways those bad sectors might be your best shot.

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