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Noobie SHR Shared Folder Recovery Help

Sat Oct 10, 2020 4:15 am


I am wanting to know if I have exhausted all avenues before repurposing my HHD’s.

I deleted the shared folder inside my Synology NAS which contained some personal photos which have significant meaning to me. Synology warned this is a permanent decision, unfortunately, I thought they were already copied over.

Straight after doing this I removed the 5 HHD’s which were in SHR (Synology Hybrid RAID 5). I then found a forum thread where someone has successfully recovered such a folder using Reclaimed Unlimted, with a scenario similar to mine.

I then attempted to recover the data using Reclaime (with the assistance of the software providers). I did a RAW search for *.CR2 files. I found all the CR2 files which had not been in this deleted folder but none that had been deleted.

It must be noted I only have 4 of the 5 HHD’s now as one was formatted and written over. Apparently, this is OK because it can support one drive failing but I’m unsure if this would have impacted on the deleted shared folder?

Also note this folder was not the same as windows shared folder where it just goes into a recycle bin, its a Synology Shared folder which is different.

So what should I try next if anything?

Thank you in advance

Regards Rueben

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