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new tool from Deepspar

Mon Jan 14, 2019 9:34 am

Now that I'm at my computer, I'd like to finish with this. If you are only doing data recovery and have DeepSpar, RapidSpar and/or PC3000, you don't need a Guardonix write blocker. That said, the base unit, is about the same price as any other USB 3 write blocker and is quite handy if you have the need/temptation to connect a client's original drive to the system in order to see how it responds.

Just to hammer it in. Guardonix software only allows you to modify the features and provides a graph of what is happening live, but it is still just a write blocker and all imaging and recovery tasks are done with 3rd party software.

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new tool from Deepspar

Mon Jan 14, 2019 11:49 am

lcoughey wrote:Guardonix is for those like the police and other forensic investigators who image drives with software like FTK imager. 99.9% of their cases are with healthy drives. The USB3 write blocker will help with the alone...without the need for the upgrade. But, if they encounter unstable drives, the upgrade will help.

Guardonix is targeting forensics
RapidSpar is targeting computer techs
Spark is targeting lower income countries
DeepSpar is targeting data recovery professionals

Thanks for clearing this up, I can now see the use case for each different product line.

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