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Need help RAID5

Fri Apr 02, 2021 4:13 am

Hi there,

I have first case with RAID 5. Client brought me 3 disk which was in RAID 5 and one disk for sure is dead (bad heads). 2 other drives are ok and they server cannot reconstruct RAID5 with new drive.
I have made images of these 2 drives and checked for MBR to find which one is the first. I didn't found MBR on these 2 drives so it must be on the drive which died.
So I attempt to reconstruct RAID 5 in R-Studio with 64K block size, both LS/LA but no luck in getting correct data. Searched for jpeg and mostly the jpeg are messed up so didn't get correct configuration with RAID settings.
I have also tried to do it "automatically" in Reclaime pro but no luck to, also tried to change disk order and block size but no luck only get some more data but they are coruppted.
Because I m newbie in RAID can someone give me some hint, help, advise how to get correct data? Do I need to repair the disk which is dead?

P.S. Don't know if someone do something wrong with RAID to ruin the data before me?!

Thank you.

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Need help RAID5

Mon Apr 05, 2021 9:57 am

If you are not finding an MBR on either drive, then perhaps it wasn't a RAID5, maybe a RAID 0??? A typical RAID 5 will have what appears to be an MBR on two disks, one being the actual MBR and the other being a parity copy of the MBR against the first sector of the other disks (which is often all zeros, so the parity against zeros makes a clone of the data).

Can you post a picture of the first sector of the two drives?

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