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My Intro

Mon Jan 12, 2015 8:15 pm

Thanks to Data Medics for opening up a new Data Recovery Forum. I am sure there will be the usual debate about whether or not another DR forum is needed. Well I have no input to that, I am joining because it IS a DR Forum and I like to see what is going on in the DR field regardless of where. I wish it much success.

I am an Adelaide Business, focused on Flash based recovery. USB, CF, SD, SDHC,SDXC, SSD, MicroSD, MS Pro, CF etc etc. I have a growing number of interstate and international DR firms and general population sending me Flash to recover.

I am a RuSolut Tech partner, and I can't say enough good things about Visual NAND Reconstructor and the RuSolut team. They are really working hard at developing a modern solution for Flash, and I have seen some really clever research already from the other Tech Partners and RuSolut themselves.

I am always happy to talk about new developments in the Flash industry and what challenges the big players are throwing our way.

Feel free to PM me for any reason, DR, a chat, offers of sugar/cinnamon coated donuts....



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Re: My Intro

Tue Jan 13, 2015 10:24 am

Hi Brian,

Glad to have you here on the forum. The more professionals who join the better. I'll definitely be asking you more about Visual NAND Reconstructor which is on my wish list this year.

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