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Motorola Xoom (MZ604) Corrupt /data and /cache partitions.

Fri Dec 07, 2018 10:00 am

Hi! My name is Charlie. I was flashing a custom room in a custom recovery and the device rebooted during a flash. As a result, I have corrupted my /data and /cache partitions on a Motorola Xoom 32G Tablet (Wi-fi only version - MZ604) and are unable to mount them in anyway. I really want this to be a learning experience rather than just purchasing a new board. So ive come here to see if I anyone has the knowledge to rebuild these two partitions. I am not worried about recovering any lost data, my only concern is to just get the device to boot again in Android. I have attempted to seek a resolution on XDA Forums as well. Please forgive me for my laziness and not want to type all the progress I have thus far. In stead I will post the link to my post here. ... 670&page=2

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