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    Recovery on LENOVO laptop + TPM + Bitlocker

    Hello I got a laptop for data recovery, laptop is fine and we can boot it to logon page (hit CTRL + ALT + SUPPR to logon) When credidentials are entered i got an error No Authentification Server is available. It was part of enterprise that closed so AD server are no longer accessible. Bios is...
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    Need LDR for 0006004P Microcode

    Hello Entered a HUBBLELT HDD 500GB, with a missing sticker on it... Drive became RDY but seems the LDR is bad If someone have some stuff with that microcode so i can't check a little more this hdd. Regards
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    Drobo 5D / DRDR5-A / PN : 917-00001-001

    Hello I got a Drobo 5D populated with 5 x 3TB HDD. (DAS) I seems that beyon raid are pain to recover, but seems that on this units with all HDD used to be the same size, it should be a RAID5. Does someone come over this type of case and can give me a light or idea, like raid parameters Thanks
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    Seagate DM Headswap Experiences

    Like it, send by partner today :)
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    Research in All DR Forum

    Hello I have added this forum to my google personal search, i share it It look on : HDD Oracle WD repair MRT Lab HDD Guru Data-Medics DFL Forum
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    Flash Recovery Starting

    Hello For those who have a significant experiences in Frash recovery, what would me the tools you considere has a must have or should have ? Not only about the reading solution but all the small things that are around and we not think about it? Thanks !
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    About Me

    Hello William from France, entered in Data Recovery in October 2012, still learning and experiment every days. Always like to help and speak with filed Guys to learn and share.