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Data Recovery / By Rohan Patil / April 3, 2022 / Hard Drives Data Recovery

Hard Drive Data Recovery

Hard drive data recovery services help you to recover your data from the Hard Drive not working properly. We are Data Recovery experts who can recover data from almost any kind of laptop, desktop, and server of any make model. We can recover data from any operating system.

We can recover and repair corrupted files of any type including Microsoft Office Documents, pdf files, Quick Books files, and Database from servers.

Hard Drive Data Recovery​

We support following hard drive data recoveries

  • Toshiba Hard drive Data Recovery
  • Seagate Hard drive Data Recovery
  • Samsung Hard drive Data Recovery
  • Western Digital Hard drive data recovery
  • Hitachi Hard drive data recovery
  • USB WD Drive Data Recovery
  • USB Seagate Data Recovery
We highly recommend a good backup system and our certified technicians can recommend you a good and customized backup plan.

We can Recover your Data You can count on Us!

  • We can recover the data from all types of hard drives
  • Hard Drives do not turn on
  • Hard Drives with clicking noise
  • Hard Drive defective logic board
  • Hard Drive does not spin
  • Corrupted Data
  • Raid Recovery
  • SSD Drive Data Recovery
  • Have you suddenly lost your data?
  • Did you drop or damage your HDD?
  • Are you hearing a strange click, beep, or grinding noises from your computer?
  • Or Is your pc simply just not turning ON?
Whatever the reason for your data loss may be. Our technicians have the expertise to get your data backup. We understand that losing critical data can be devastating and an emotional situation. We make sure that the data recovery process is clear and stress-free for you. HDD fails due to numerous reasons like; pc viruses, accidental file deletion, file corruption or you formatted your computer by mistake.

USB Data Recovery

USB flash drives are among the many small and portable modern conveniences you can use to recover files. USBs are very delicate they can bend and break very easily.

Unlike a hard disk drive, a USB stick doesn’t have any moving parts,
meaning it has fewer failure points than other storage devices. However,
it’s still very vulnerable to damage, so you could lose access to your
irreplaceable data.

We offer the following services for Data Recovery:

  • Hard Drive Data Recovery
  • External Hard Drive Data Recovery
  • Flash Drive Data Recovery
  • USB Drive Data Recovery
  • SSD Data Recovery
  • Corrupted Hard drive Data
  • Macbook Data Recovery
  • Mac Hard drive data recovery
    Paul 604-760-1662

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Data Recovery Services​

We offer Data Recovery Services in Surrey, BC, and the surrounding cities. We offer a cost-effective alternative to the majority of comparable recovery companies. PC Plus Computing Data Recovery focuses on RAID arrays, NAS/SAN devices, hard drives, USB drives, solid state drives, flash drives, and camera cards recovery procedures and technology.

Our data recovery technicians are capable of recovering data from almost any laptop, desktop, Macbook, or server. We can recover and repair corrupted files of any type, including Microsoft Office documents and other critical files. We would recommend a good backup system, and our technicians can recommend a good and customized backup plan regardless of the type of data recovery assistance you require. You can rely on our expertise and experience.

We take pride in what we do, which is why your privacy is one of our top priorities, right up there with recovering your data. With over a decade of experience developing proprietary techniques and procedures for recovering data from a wide range of storage devices, PC Plus Computing will get your data back for you, or no one will!

We offer the following services for Data Recovery Services

  • Hard Drive Data Recovery
  • USB Hard Drive Data Recovery
  • SSD Data Recovery
  • External Hard Drive Data Recovery
  • USB/Flash Drive Data Recovery
  • Synology Drive Data Recovery
  • WD Backup Drive Data Recovery
  • QNAP Data Recovery
  • SD Card Data Recovery

Types of Data Recovery

Level 1 Recovery

  • Recover deleted files such as files and photos or from devices with difficulties reading the files
  • Recover files from external hard drives whose casing may have developed issues
  • This recovery may include a USB thumb drive or SD card
Level 2 Recovery

  • Recover files from internal or external hard drives which cannot be read or written on but are somewhat recognizable or accessible
  • This process usually requires professional software
  • Time required to recover data will vary depending on the amount of data being retrieved from the hard drive
Level 3 Recovery

  • Recover files from internal or external hard drives which may or may not be recognizable or accessible
  • Recover files from units that may have firmware corruption
  • Recover files from SSD unit with dead blocks or inaccessible volumes
  • May also recover files from hard drives with a “clicking” sound which has minor media damage in unallocated portions of the disk drive surface
Level 4 Recovery

  • Recover files from hard drives with media damage
  • Recover files from hard drives with “clicking” sound with damage to the read/write head assembly
  • Recovery which may require extensive lab time in order to stabilize the unit
  • Recover files from SSD units which have inaccessibility issues due to corruption
Level 5 Recovery

  • Includes hard drive rebuilds including cases with major media damage on the hard drive surface
  • Recover files from SSD units which require extensive data re-mapping
  • Time required to recover data may vary depending on the process due to the use of custom software and other programming solutions
  • Recover files from projects with multiple media like RAID and servers

Our Data Recovery Services​

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Business IT Services​

We Provide Business IT Services to businesses throughout Surrey, Vancouver, White Rock, Delta, Langley and the Lower Mainland, and across the rest of Canada.

We offer our IT services throughout the Surrey area , whether you are looking for Computer Repair Services , IT Support Services, Network Support Services, Server Upgrades Services, Software Installations and Hardware Installations. Our comprehensive services is ideal for small to medium sized businesses.

We provide solutions dedicated to providing first-class IT support to businesses that want to cut costs and increase efficiency of your business. With our Flexible service plans that are based on a flat monthly fee, you get customized computer support for one affordable price. We have been working in Surrey Since 1996. We

Our Computer Expert team are experts in computer network services, so you can count on us to provide all the support and service you need for your business

When technology breaks down and issues continue to effect communication, operations, sales activity and accounting systems call us we can help.

Our IT services team steps in. You’ll have a business-focused technology services company who proactively manages your entire network, technical systems and communication solutions. You get a tech support company who monitors your systems to prevent problems before you even know something happened. We use most advance tools to protect your Business. Our Prices and Quality of work is way better than any competition.

PC Plus Computing is proud to offer ongoing small business IT service protection to small businesses in Surrey, Delta, White Rock, Richmond, Vancouver and Greater Vancouver area. Unfortunately, small businesses are not immune to the growing threat of IT hacks, viruses and malware. By partnering with a knowledgeable IT service and IT support provider like Pc Plus Computing , small businesses receive IT protection, data backup, email security services and more at affordable rates. If your small business does not currently have an IT consultant, its valuable information and data could be at risk. Consider partnering with a team of IT professionals that are committed to your business’s security. We provide One stop solution for all your business needs

Pc Plus Computing provides valuable evaluation, advice, planning, and implementation of a strategy to make your business more efficient and productive. We’ll help you:

  1. Develop the strategy to align your business and technology
  2. Securely store, share and transfer confidential information
  3. Maintain strict regulatory compliance
  4. Securely access critical files – any place, any time
  5. Eliminate IT hassles for good
Our goal is to make your daily operations focused and effective. We create the strategy to help you get more from your people, processes, technology and your budget. Check n google IT services for small businesses near me most likely you will find us if not call us at 6047601662

We Provide Following Business IT Services​

Managed IT Services​

Managed Cloud Services​

Data Security Services​

IT Consulting​

Backup Solutions​

Server repair​

Server Care​

Computer Networking​

Networking Care​

Website Design​

SEO Services​

Data Recovery​

Desktop Care and User Care​

Remote Services​

If you need more information, you can simply book an appointment
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