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Intenso hard drive switched to raw. Formatted.

Sat Jan 11, 2020 5:08 pm

Hi all.

I've a problem with the intenso external HDD (4 TB) of my friend. I assume, his daughter puts it in a computer and taked it out in short time. The file system is switched to RAW firstly.

I've already some experience with data recovery with Recuva. So I've formatted the file system to NTFS again and started Recuva software (as done already somethimes).

After formatting, recuva won't run scanning because of "wrong parameter". I've found out, the RAW format is not supported by this software.

I've used several software with RAW support. They find only a part of the files on the disk. Also i found a manual, how to handle RAW disks. One of the points was "don't format".

My question is: are the not found files not recoverable after my format actions? Or is there a possibility to recovery the data? (e.g. delete the partition and start search again)

Thank you.

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