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FiveODRC from Malaysia

Sat Mar 13, 2021 3:49 am

I'm Fairuz Onn from FiveO Data Recovery Centre.

Warning my English sucks, read with imaginations.

We're Malaysia base company and a home based business, 2 staff here, me doing data recovery and my friend doing the administration stuff.
I'm using MRT Ultra as my primary hardware for now, software I used R-Studio, TestDisk and DERescue, for mechanical data recovery i got small desktop laminar flow cabinet, cheap heads tools set I bought from aliexpress. All in my bedroom..

Before I start my own business in April 2019, I was Cisco engineer and before that Nokia engineer, I resign from Cisco May 2020 and start focusing on my business full time, I have somewhat 10 years of data recovery and forensic experience due to me always helping my friend who is the real data forensics engineer, I was security and datacentre engineer when I with Cisco, i got tired working like 24-7 for almost 6 years, so i thought since i somewhat got some data forensic skill i learn from my friend so why not do my own data recovery, must be easy compare to doing data forensic...right??.. i was so wrong about that.. Learn it the hard way that i was wrong..., but business already running and I receive lots of data recovery request so I just continue without looking back, I determine to learn and improve my skill in data recovery while doing this business, and I glad I do this business, I'm happier now compare when working with Cisco.

My plan for my business right now is, i want to upgrade my hardware to PC3000 but the price convert to Malaysia Ringgit well let just say i can get a Honda or recon BMW with that price, and i need to pay in full, but i need that PC3000 and other AceLab product, so currently saving money, i target early next year to purchase PC3000 and other AceLab product, so this year i upgrade my heads tools first, i will buy from ApexToolLab all tools, just need to save another USD1.7K then i can purchase the tools, some of you guys may think is not that much but here is almost 12K, since buying power is somewhat the same so 12K living in Malaysia, is almost the same as 12K in US, BUTTTT this is nothing compare to if i buy All HDDSurgery product, i can buy brand new Mercedes A 250 AMG Line with that price :lol: :lol: :lol:

So guys that all i can say about myself and my business, please teach and correct me when i do wrong, nice knowing all of you, have a great day :)

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FiveODRC from Malaysia

Sun Mar 14, 2021 9:18 am

Hi Fairuz, welcome to the forum! Nice to have you here. Getting started out in this business is expensive, we all struggled to get started I think. For me, it wiped out my retirement savings, and only after like 7-8 years am I finally in better financial condition than before I started the business.

In the interim, you might consider getting an MRT system. It's not even close to as good as PC-3000, but it's a start and offers flexible payment plans.

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FiveODRC from Malaysia

Tue Mar 16, 2021 6:32 pm

Welcome Fairuz.

This is really a though and expensive business. I really hope you can be successful and we are here to try to help when possible.

@jared : he already have MRT ehheheh

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