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error trying to write 520 sector drive

Fri Aug 16, 2019 2:14 pm

I made images of 4 520 sector drives, using live cd v 14.04

Now I am trying to write the images to new 520sector fc drives.

its getting an error
I can read the new 520 drive with no errors.

when i start the write - the terminal window says
checking read support
write6 true, write10=true, write 12,16 = false

I checked the advanced option that says allow scsi write support.

error wndow says BSY stayed high through timeout period.

i tried just erasing destination - error
i then tried writing 1 image file to a new image file -
with "enable SCSI WRITE to destination" it gets error - even writing to an image
error - invalid iocontrol

i tried changing 512 and 520 byte sector settings.

I dunno, not working

The only mode that it will allow to write an image is using generic source

I expected to need scsi passthrough but you cant select that for an image file as source.
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