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I'm happy to inform that we have open a webshop where i'm starting to sell some data recovery tools and some other tools aswell that we have designed.
http://www.drtools.eu/en in the website you can find a few headcombs i have made to fit new families of drives and some others that i call "generic" which can be used for multiple brands and models.
We designed and manufactured them in a semi soft antistatic material specific for this kind of use, the composition of the material prevents it from breaking compared with other tools, Their look is pretty simple as i'm improving the design, if you click on a picture you can see a list of drives that i had tested with those, aswell i had uploaded a video to show the correct use of the generic models.

I'm working everyday to improve them and designing new models as people is requesting tools for specific models, gladly i have equipment that allows me for fast prototyping to allow customers to have them as quick as possible.

I'm open to any suggestions and feedback.

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