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Data Recovery Digitech Jamman Stereo (guitar pedal)

Mon Apr 29, 2019 1:34 pm

Dear community,

the Digitech JamMan stereo is a device that lets musicians record short loops and to play them back while continuing to play on top of the previously recorded loop. It is typically (but not only used) by guitar players to create the illusion of a "one man band" in a live context, but can also be used for practicing and drafting song ideas.

A few days back when turning on my JamMan Stereo, I realized I was not able to load all except for the 2 most recently recorded loops from the internal memory anymore. All other previously recorded loop locations are listed as "empty" loops without any stored data. Losing these loops would be prticularly painful since all of them were song ideas and unfortunately I have no backups.

I did not record or save any additional material since this incident to prevent overwriting of the data, so I assume the raw data of the must still be recoverable from the device. In fact, after installing complementary software for the device the first time, it indicates 70 MB of used space out of the 434 MB total space. Since most of the loops were relatively short (10 - 15 seconds) 70 MB seems an appropriate size of the raw wav data making up the "lost" data, so I hope that indeed it is still there.

Problem is that it is not possible to open the device as a regular USB device within Windows. also in the disk management tool it is not shown as mountable drive. It does, however, show up in the device manager as a COM & LPT device even though it is connected via USB.

Long story short: Any of you have an idea how to do a recovery of the data? I know there is some serious tech-knowledge on here, so I hope also people not familiar with this particular device might share some insight. Last resort would be to open the device, rip out the storage and find a way to connect it to a computer. Thing is that it is probably not going to be cheap to have some expert do that (personally I cant) and most probably the device will be scrap after.

Any other possibilities?

Attached a few screenshots from my PC / the JamMan software:

https://ibb.co/YZh97py JamMan Stereo SW
https://ibb.co/MMZ7Rk5 Device Manager
https://ibb.co/9TWXt2z Disk Manager (Partition in Chinese characters is system reserved, NOT the JamMan)

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Data Recovery Digitech Jamman Stereo (guitar pedal)

Mon May 06, 2019 10:23 am

I'm not personally familiar with this device, so I can't offer any specific advice. From the memory size, I'd assume there's either an eMMC chip or some other sort of surface mount SD card type storage inside the device.

Is it possible for you to open the cover and show us the PCB inside the device?

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