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My Moto G4 Plus (16 GB) (2 GB RAM) (pattern locked) (with my google account logged in) has been stolen. 2 months ago I took some very personal pictures of mine. However I immediately deleted them.
Is it possible for the thief to unlock the pattern lock without doing hard factory reset? If Not, then, assuming he did the hard factory reset, would not my phone ask to log in with an account I used previously (i.e. before being stolen)? But since, the thief would not know my google details, I assume he would not be able to move ahead with the steps to reset the phone and would therefore go to some mobile service station to get the device flashed.

Is there any possibility that someone someday could retrieve those photos using some data recovery software (say Recuva, Android data recovery, Dr Fone, etc.)?

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Tue Mar 20, 2018 2:28 pm

I'm going to assume this might be a legitimate question and not a fake thread with the intent to spam...(time will tell)

I'm not a phone recovery guy typically (I try to avoid those cases at all cost) but, generally speaking, whether or not someone would be able to potentially recover your photos will probably come down to whether or not the device was encrypted. I believe that device came standard with Android 6.0 so typically the data was encrypted by default. So it's unlikely they'd be able to recover it in any event.

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