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Cut and Paste after that Formated SSD EXFAT recover!

Thu Jun 27, 2019 9:36 pm

Hello everyone!

Im in a big trouble!

Firt of all i belive i cut and paste de files from an sandisk ssd extreme in EXFAT, then i pasted it to the PC, but i guess becouse of a cable problem the transfer was interrupted, i didnt checked the files, it just pasted few of them, after that the SSD was formated twice, first into NTFS after that to EXFAT again, and also i transfered some new files to it, ive been trying a lot of recevery softwares (recuva, easeUS, getdataback pro and r-studio) but i could not find this expecific files, just some other old ones. So the Trim is not activated. Does someone have a clue?

I need help to find this files!
Thanks for the attention![/size]

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Cut and Paste after that Formated SSD EXFAT recover!

Fri Jun 28, 2019 5:05 pm

Are you sure that T.R.I.M. wasn't enabled? Most modern OSs have it enabled by default, so it takes deliberate effort to turn it off.

Are the recovery programs finding any old data at all?

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