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Bitlocker Protected Partition Data Recovery Steps

Fri Sep 22, 2017 3:10 am

Bitlocker protected partition data recovery solution is available on SRP USB3.0 for Data Extraction, PCIe-4x and also URE USB3.0. With the latest software version, users can recover bitlocker protected partitions easily.

Bitlocker Protected Partition Data Recovery Steps are as below:
1, Connect the source data drive to the data recovery hardware;
2, Power on the hard drive and wait until the drive gets ready. If the drive has other firmware failures or physical failures, users need to fix those failures first;
3, Users can image the source drive to one target hdd or set up new project to extract the files directly;
4, Enter the file extraction interface, all the partitions will be automatically listed including the bitlocker protected partitions;
5, Double click the bitlocker protected partitions, users can input the password or key or import the key file;
6, The DFL bitlocker analyser will analyze the encryption automatically and users just click ok after the analysis;
7, The bitlocker partition will be automatically refreshed and the data will be available directly under the partitions.

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